VSC Exodus Day 1

After my failed attempt to find a remote mountain biking location yesterday, a bonfire was held outside of the sculpture studio where residents had one last night to make bad decisions involving drinking and one-month relationships. I was in bed by 11:30, which put me on the road at 6:15 this morning. That jump start was consumed by inadvertently visiting Isla La Motte, turning around, and getting back on track.

Currently 1.5 hrs North of Albany.

7:20 pm

Eating at McDonalds in Geneva, OH, awash in equal parts disgust and satisfaction in the act.

Below is my Subaru print drying line.


VSC Day 26

Last night we had open studios and were able to see what everyone’s spent the last month doing. Most folks here are awesome at what they do, but there are a few artists here doing work that really impresses the hell out of me.

Jason Godeke
This guy does some awesome paintings that he stages with figures that he makes himself. Go to his site, scroll down to the bottom right, and click on his paintings. I traded him a mermaid print for a painting and am very excited for it to arrive in Minnesota.

Olivia Mirkovich
Awesome, creepy, and nicely-detailed drawings and paintings.

Penba Wangdu
This man is a monster. Traditionally taught painter, he mixes his own pigments with animal glue to make paint.

There are many more noteworthy artists, but I am too lazy to copy and paste more links, and wasps have begun to fall upon the coffee shop I’m at.

Most of my gear is packed, I just need to load the car and wrap my prints in glassine. Unfortunately, there is still a dampness to the black of the Aspidochelone prints which worries me. I’ll wait until late tonight to wrap them, or maybe early tomorrow. I’m also contemplating running fishing line through the Subaru and hanging the prints on a drying line while I drive. Wahoo.

With luck I will be resting my head in Toledo, Ohio tomorrow night.