Siggraph, progress on two prints, and an art show

In no particular order, here is what I have been working on.

Colossal is the next print in my Music series, loosely based off of the Wolfmother song.  Edith J was kind enough to pose for the piece.  I am still working out the color scheme and some other things, but here (below image) is where the design stands today.  After I resolve things in Photoshop I’ll move to some wood blocks.


Some of my work is currently on display at Head to Toe Salon in Minneapolis.  I encourage everyone to go and let them make you even more attractive than you already are.



My print Strangers on A Train, based off of the Lovage song of the same name, is nearly complete.  Depicting a chance encounter between a rooster and a deer in a dining car, this may prove to be my most romantic piece to date.

Strangers_1stColor StrangersBlock_1stColor


Finally, I was in Vancouver for Siggraph this year.  It was my first time attending, and it was a great experience.  Also, Vancouver is beautiful.  Below is what their orcas look like.