VSC: The Final Monday

Oatmeal and toast, an hour of figure drawing, and now laundry. I’ll hopefully spend the rest of the day continuing to carve the cherry block for Kookies. After dinner, the final resident slide show is scheduled where I will have a chance to dazzle everyone with my incredible artwork. Or, put them all to sleep.

Below are images from both today’s figure session, as well as some from last week.





Below: my 2nd shot at building a collagraph plate. I printed this, and was not happy with the results. I think that some of the recesses are too deep, and the paper cannot get in to grab the ink. I may try to decrease the depth in these grooves and give it another shot before I leave.


Below: Colossal is finished.


Below: progress on carving the 9×12 cherry plywood for Kookies.



Colossal, War Pigs, and Drawings

Colossal: printed 9 of these today. The gradient was tedious, as the largest brayer here doesn’t span the full height of the block. Will probably run a few more tomorrow with the same gradient, and will then do an alternate version with different colors. This is block 1 of 3, so it needs to be printed now if there is any hope of these being dry when I leave.


War Pigs (alternate): printed the lino block over the collagraph, but am not enthused with the end image. This is mostly a product of my sloppy registration. I had low expectations that this experiment would yield anything attractive, so I didn’t really care at the time. I plan on painting and/drawing on top of these to make something useful.



And, some drawings: