VSC Day 10

While doing my laundry at 6:30 this morning, I watched a man swing by the 24 hour laundromat just to use the bathroom. I believe he may have been smoking in there as well. Feels like home.

Breakfast, printing, carving, printing, lunch, hardware store, printing, dinner, and carving. Good day.

The mermaid is wrapped, and the Phoenix is one pass away from completion, which should go down mañana.

Tomorrow I finish the Phoenix print, build a clothes drying rack, and have a studio visit from our current visiting artist, Gregory Botts.

Below from top to bottom: Mermaid finished, Phoenix in progress, studio wall.




VSC Day 8

Began printing the mermaid piece today, and should be putting down the second color tomorrow.


The Phoenix piece is proving to be a little troublesome. I put down a gray-blue pass and am trying to put opaque yellow over it. I’ve applied this yellow twice, and a lot of the underlying color continues to show through. Debating if I should leave it or modify the design…