The Other Side: 5 blocks

My first attempt at this print involved 2 blocks of cherry. The color scheme and design didn’t really blow my mind, so I decided to add some more color. A few linoleum blocks were purchased, and carving began. I hope to print some tests this weekend.

Note that the blue ink on each of the three linoleum blocks was printed from the key block, and used as a guide to carve the additional colors.






Strangers On A Train: Complete

After renting a little press time at Leg Up Studio, I was able to wrap up the Strangers On A Train print. ¬†These were printed on some heavier stock, and I just couldn’t get the second color to transfer well with a barren.

For those interested in seeing this piece being carved, I put together a short video:

Strangers On A Train from Adam Martin on Vimeo.

StrangersOnATrain keyBlockOnPress