Art Crank, Ghosts, and Separation Anxiety

Three things.

  1. Ghosts is finished. I wasn’t able to get the viscosity of the ink to where it should have been, and there were some spots in the block that should have been carved deeper, but there are a handful of good prints that came out of it.  For those not familiar with the Shellac song, check it out.  Again, this piece is inspired by the song.  The band didn’t commission me to do anything.
  2. The poster I was working on for Art Crank is finished. The show opens this Saturday, and there is a lot of more info here.  Eric at Steady in Northeast Mpls. handled the printing, because I…ValkyrieDetail
  3. Separated my shoulder on Easter. Big bummer.xray

Art Crank Progress

Saturday morning has been spent refining the poster layout in my studio, while cooking up some chicken stock in the kitchen. Still a long way to go on the illustration, but I think it’s heading in the right direction.


I am less pleased with how the stock turned out. This morning’s cooking lesson: you don’t want to reduce the liquid in your pot to 0 when making stock.