VSC Redux: Day 2

It is a balmy 9┬░ here in Johnson, VT. That’s warmer than Mpls. right now, so I guess I win.

My day has been spent carving wood. The key block for Colossal needs to get knocked out before I can even start carving the other two blocks for the print. Given how fast things are going, I may just get the print done before I leave.

Below are loads of pictures, including the planned color breakdowns for Colossal, and the key block in progress.




VSC Day 25.5

Off to wash dishes for my last time in a commercial kitchen. It’s a very bittersweet moment.

Open studios tonight, and tomorrow is clean up day. Its rainy outside, but tomorrow should be clear so I hope to get out and do some proper mountain biking.

Because Brooke requested more nudity, below are some pics from my last trip to life drawing.20120926-111907.jpg20120926-111922.jpg